Maintenance of the garden

–  Maintenance of the garden  –

We carry out a wide range of tasks from simply mowing a lawn to complete garden makeovers.

Maintenance of lawn: 

  elimination of winter damages



  moss control

  weed control

  additional sowing




The secret of good-looking lawn lies in continuous maintenance from April up to October!

We also provide the cleaning of lawn areas from weeds and if needed, additional seed sowing!

We offer seasonal (from spring to autumn) or single service as the maintenance of gardens.
We provide the following activities as the maintenance works:

  spring garden cleaning – raking of leaves and lawn – rolling of lawn

  replacement of damaged plants

  cutting of plants and preparation for the new season

  design and maintenance cutting of plants

  weeding of flowerbeds

  fertilization, watering

  weed and garden pest control

  mounting of covers for the cold-fragile plants for winter/spring

  mowing of lawn, delivery, if required

  trimming of garden edges, paths

  cleaning of path stones from weed and moss (chemical and mechanical)


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